Thursday, 4 June 2009


Welcome to "Haiku from Lebanon"!

We will be posting original haiku along with links to, and original research on, this unique form of Japanese poetry and its applicability to Lebanese poets and writers.


  1. quite interesting! someone can be really creative in this type of art (Y)

  2. I'm curious about making one... so here i go:

    Putting some make up,
    the rays met the skin
    True Happiness!

    Please tell me if it's the right way :)

  3. Alright, that's mighty interesting for a first attempt!

    In order for your haiku to get more visibility (so that it doesn't stay at the bottom of this page), and if you're interested, add a comment with your email address in it (which will not be published) and I'll send you an invitation to become an author/contributor (I need your email to invite you).