Friday, 28 August 2009


"A hot morning;
At the bottom of the waterfall
Shines a rainbow"

June 4, 1993

[Same day as the haiku below (Waterfall), same place. In this shaded, densely forested, and hidden part of the valley, where the small waterfall was splashing on the thirsty stones, a "mini-rainbow," not bigger than two persons standing side by side, magically appeared on the stones...]


  1. Silent.. Peaceful.. Simple..
    I can hear the sound of the splashing water on the stones in the beautifully illustrated explanation, just before the rainbow has appeared silently, making the sound disappears.
    Thank you

  2. Are the 13 characteristics of the zen state of mind required for the creation and appreciation of haiku which Blyth stated,(selflessness,
    loneliness,grateful acceptance,contradiction,humor...) important?
    If yes,could you please post about it one day ?

  3. In true Zen vein, one can say that none of the above is true; what "has to be done" can never be "what is," and what becomes "important" ceases to be "natural."
    The Maha Prajnaparamita Hridaya Sutra (known as the Heart Sutra), says it very well.
    "13 characteristics" and other numbers and series and lists are more descriptive than prescriptive (i.e., "that's the way I found it," not "that's the way you should find it"). The mind with no hindrances is free, and all classifications and mental constructions are, in the final analysis, hindrances and impediments.
    (Check the sutra's many translations from wikipedia)

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  5. I have deleted my new post by mistake,I was editing to post a different one and then I put in on draft,and everything else disappeared. Please is there a way I can have it back with the comments ?

  6. Thank you for sending me back the explanation. They are very enlightening.