Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Summer Shower

A sudden summer shower;
Under the cars
The ground is still dry

June 7, 1993


  1. I love summer showers !!! so refreshing !! Actually last saturday at 7 am, one happened, so beautiful, smells the dust too ! Nice haiku Doc.

  2. On the other hand,there's something weird or different about this haiku. First,and for the first time,it is posted without a followed text, second,it lacks the usual texture about Nature,maybe the presence of "cars",I don't know,maybe they are a part of the world,like flowers or animals. This haiku takes writing them into another dimension,modern,cool,simple,calm,pure... Perhaps this is the perception of things we need to learn to have. Thank you.

  3. Yes, there's no text because I thought it was clear enough, and anything I would add would be more or less redundant; you're right about the nature side too; but rain is a natural phenomenon after all, and the discovery of dry, square spots untouched by rain water, is a "moment of realization" (whatever this realization is to different persons).

    Nature is everywhere around us anyway, in glass, in cities, in plastic, in steel; everything, in the final analysis, is part of the world we live in, even if we get the (erroneous) impression that a tree is more "natural" than a synthetic construct or more so than a computer screen: both are "natural" in the sense that everything is atoms and electrons and molecules in different shapes, as you rightly say. Thank you!