Sunday, 13 December 2009

Winter in Lebanon

Searching lights in the gray clouds, beat music on my windshield;
it's winter.


[searching lights: the strong projector lights placed next to restaurants or night clubs reaching towards the sky and moving]


  1. I'm not sure if it gives an image or a sort of happening rather; i'm not even sure if it's a haiku, so help!:)

  2. Hi, It's carla. Good to hear from you random muse.
    I'm not sure if it's help I can give you, I'm still learning too. (The projector's name is Sky tracker or Space cannon; it's my husband's work :) )
    Anyway, I liked it. It's like a graceful " Tap-Dance" ! Like Jene Kelly's "Dancing in the rain" :-)

  3. Jene kelly's movie is " Singing in the rain" :-)
    Anyway , I hope you keep posting R.M.A. It's so much fun !

  4. Najla ?!!!! It's me, Carla (Nicole). I checked your profile,But I wasn't sure of the picture so I called Nicole to ask about your family name. Small world ! Kisses and See you as usual .

  5. no way that's you??? hahaha i was so surprised! i love your haikus girl. yes it does help, but i'm just not sure if it's a restricted image or maybe something else, i just can't label it:)
    i'm glad you liked it, i will keep posting as long as i have my muse;) you do too. see you in uni.

  6. Hi Najla,

    Yes, a nice haiku. An alternative version:

    Sky trackers on winter skies;
    Travelling at night,
    Music beats on my windshield

    [with the added ambiguity of whether "beats" is a noun or a verb]

  7. I'm sorry about the previous information. I asked again about the projector. Its technical name is SEARCH LIGHT (it has one spot) but the brand differs : sky tracker or space cannon.
    The new version of the haiku is very beautiful and it can be both ways
    Sky tracker on winter skies....Or

    Search light on winter skies;
    Traveling at night,
    Music beats on my windshield

    Thank you Paul and Najla.

  8. yes thanks sir, i like the alternative, still trying to figure out the names though with carla's help.
    I like the "beats" ambiguity, i'll see if i come up with something, maybe keep the lights as searching (verb) and add that ambiguity for "beats"....we'll see.
    thank you both of you, you're welcome carla:)