Thursday, 20 May 2010

Big Leaves

Sticking out like palms,
The big tree leaves 
Are begging for a handshake! 


Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Haiku Handbook 2

Another excerpt from The Haiku Handbook: How to Write, Share, and Teach Haiku (previous post here):

We often see or sense something that gives us a bit of a lift, or a moment's pure sadness. Perhaps it is the funnies flapping in the breeze before a newsstand on a sunny spring day. Or some scent on the wind catches us as we step from the bus, or bend to lift the groceries from the car (...) Haiku happen all the time, wherever there are people who are "in touch" with the world of their senses, and with their own feeling response to it. (Higginson, 3-4)

I think that a good haiku is a combination of impressionism, i.e., how we experience the event/apparition/scene itself in a "sensual" (through the senses) manner, and of suggestiveness, i.e., in not telling everything and allowing readers to respond the way they want.

Of course, the event/apparition/scene is also always suggested to us in the first place, and never imposed on us directly. As it is discreetly suggested to us, it is only fair that we should reciprocate by discreetly suggesting it to our readers.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Steaming Mug

The steaming mug;
On the surface of the tea
Clear white clouds are gliding

December 25, 2003

Old Age

An old bent tree
bathing in the sunset
warms its crooked joints


My brother came up with this haiku yesterday, if we can call it one, because he doesn't know a thing about haikus and asked me to post it to see if it is a legitimate one.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wild Berries

The fallen berries;
Under my shoes
Squashing sounds!

16 April 2010