Sunday, 14 November 2010

Black Mug

Drying the black mug with a towel;
At the bottom, a shiny, wet swirl

December 27, 2007


  1. This is a first by you on the blog! A 2-line haiku!
    Strangely while I'm reading it, I feel a spin in my head; first I see the hand with the towel making a left and right spin, then the shiny swirl that looks like a spiral, wet, on a black background, reflecting the light maybe...
    Such simplicity and lightness...I love it!

  2. Oh oh....OR, the drying of the mug was by moving the mug in circular rounds with the left hand, if you are right-handed, while the right hand was holding still the towel inside the mug... hence the swirl...WOW!! :-)

  3. Thanks, Carla.

    Why 2 lines? Maybe because it reflects the speed of the movements involved? It must have been unconscious, though.

    About the swirl: it was actually not only shiny, but also multi-coloured, like a metallic rainbow. Maybe the soap residue? It also vaguely reminded me of a galaxy. A galaxy at the bottom of a mug!


  4. The shiny wet swirl at the bottom upon which this unique Haiku gets it's whirls and twirls! Oh, what a pearl!
    I loved it! :-)

  5. Thanks, Kind Spirit; I'm happy to have given you joy!
    And welcome to the blog!