Saturday, 5 March 2011

Global Warming

Standing on the top of the slope
Wind blowing in my ears
Glazing at the snowless hills


  1. Nice, Ramy! That moment must have been as sad for you as breathtaking!
    I see you started each sentence with a capital letter, the way we all do usually :-)
    Did you mean "Gazing" in the last line?

  2. Nice; that's how I would have put it (the "-ing" at the beginning of each line needs to be broken):

    At the top of the slope
    The wind blows in my ears;
    Where has the snow gone?

    (plus it's also exactly 17 syllables!)

  3. If I may share a suggestion:

    At the top of the slope
    The wind whispers in my ears
    Memories of white-capped hills

  4. Maybe the phrase white-capped is wrong, so it might be "whitecap hills", or snow-capped hills for a clearer picture ...